Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The WORST Part of a New Year

is that the social security withholding resets and my paycheck is a couple hundred bucks smaller until I blow past the point at which I've reached the limit. That's always a kick in the pants.

Happy new year everyone!

I had a nice long break from work, as well as a nice long break from blogging. I would check in on many of you periodically, and I found that most of you took time off from posting as well. So welcome back.

We had a nice holiday. The Buggins had a great "Christrem" (that's how she pronounces it, not sure what is up with that). We opened presents from Santa in the morning and went to a fancy brunch in the city in the afternoon. We usually bring a little portable DVD player with us when we go to nice restaurants, so that when she's done with her grilled cheese she can watch a little W.iggles and we can enjoy ourselves (we always keep it on mute, she never seems to mind). Of course, on Christmas the damn thing broke so she had a conniption in the restaurant and we had to flee before dessert.

We went to NYC for a few days between Xmas and New years, which alternated between somewhat fun and extremely frustrating. I bought a new sport coat though, so I have that going for me.

M had to keep getting her blood drawn to monitor the HCG levels until they were below 6. The numbers went like this: 74, 73, 55, 11, 5. Last draw was on Saturday morning, when I actually had some blood drawn too. I guess my blood tests were about to expire and the insurance company wants to make sure I don't have any dreaded diseases before they pay to help me procreate.

Her period / miscarriage (was it a miscarriage?) was extremely painful. She was hopped up on per.cocet for most of it. Good times. We need to re-submit our case to insurance for another cycle, and we're not sure how long that will take. I'm sure we will not be surprised by how FAST they are.

OK, so I should probably see why my voice mail light is on and get ready for my 8:30 meeting.


serenity said...

Ugh - coming back from a weeklong vacation pretty much sucks.

As an aside, I had a really tough time with my chemical pregancy too - was it a miscarriage? Was it just another period? 10 months later, I'm still not sure - so I can relate to the question. Ultimately it helped me to think of it as just another failed cycle. Not sure why.

Anyway. May the paperwork go quickly and you and M be able to start up again soon. :)

lola said...

Welcome back Smarshy! I'm glad that you had a nice Christmas and week away and that the Buggins enjoyed every minute of it :)

I hope that M is feeling better (physically) now. I know all too well that the emotional part will take longer to heal. I hope that this new year brings you nothing but good luck! You both deserve it.

Lisa said...

Welcome back -
I considered my first bleeding after a failed pregnancy a miscarriage. And it was painful, and long. I wish you and M the best and hope insurance cooperates so that you are able to try again soon.

Amy said...

Welcome back, Smarshy! I'm so sorry about M's miscarriage. Yes, it was a miscarriage. She was pregnant. It didn't result in a baby. How else do you classify that? No matter what, it sucks. And the pain doesn't help either (after 4 m/c's, I unfortunately know it all too well). I hope she's feeling better now and you're able to move on :-). Happy New Year!!!

Rumour Miller said...

Happy New Year, Smarshy Family.

Thoughts of a Mom said...

Happy New Year. I was so sorry to read about the chemical pg. That limbo state is horrible. And, yes, it is absolutely a miscarriage. I have this thing against the term "chemical pregnancy" because I feel like it demeans the whole thing. It was a pregnancy, it did not last, and the bleeding is a miscarriage. My period after my very early m/c was very heavy and long, like 11 days. I hope M's is easier and shorter than mine. Wishing you all good things for 2007!

Thalia said...

I agree with everyone else, if you were pregnant, and M was, it's a miscarriage. I had one and you both suffered through one and it totally sucks.

Here's to a better 2007.

K S said...

I'm so sorry that you ever had to go through this -- and especially during the holidays. Let M know that we're all thinking of her too. I hope 2007 is such a happy year for your family that you have no time to remember the hurt in 2006.

spark said...

Welcome back!! I hope that 2007 is a much happier year for your family!!

onedayatatime said...

Happy New Year Smarshy and M. I am so sorry about the miscarriage, I hope 2007 brings success and happiness!