Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Calling Dr. Freud

I had this dream the other night. I was sitting on an examination table in a doctor's office, wearing one of those sporty little robes that doesn't close down the back. The doctor was sitting in a chair in front of me. He asked me what I was doing there, and I explained that I was having stomach pains resulting from severe constipation. (Not really true, I'll have you know, but it was in the dream). He examined me for a few moments and then said those 2 words so seldom said to a 35 year old male:

"You're pregnant".

Well, imagine my surprise. I told him how odd that was, given that we'd been trying for so long to get my WIFE pregnant, and now here I am, the pregnant one. (I recognize that even if we hadn't been trying to get my wife pregnant, it would STILL be odd that I was pregnant, but again, it's a dream).

But the doctor went on to explain that the pregnancy would have to be aborted. I don't really remember why, I just remember him saying it had to be aborted right away. I was not very upset by this, but rather just frustrated that we couldn't transfer it to M's uterus and that it would be wasted.

That's all I remember.

OK, I'm calling all armchair dream analysts - give it your best shot. I have a theory developing in my own mind, which I'll share after I see your thoughts. I'm interested in seeing if anyone comes up with the same theory as me.


Amy said...

My theory: Too much food too close to bedtime, LOL!! Other than that, I got nothing. I hope other responses are better :-)

Just another Jenny said...

Hmmm, interesting. Being the dream expert that I am (not) I would say it's an overall frustration that you can fix the problem, maybe a feeling of helplessness in the situation. Either that or you need to take a good crap.

Pattycake said...

Hi, lurker here.

My theory: its kinda like meth use=pregnancy=WTF. You are frustrated with the total randomness of who gets pregnant and who doesn't no matter how hard one tries or how very very very much one deserves it.....or stay off the general tso chicken for awhile.

Carol said...

Sorry, no theory for you. But what a wild dream. You must have woken up feeling very confused. I'll have to ask Mr G if he's ever had a pregnant dream.

Hope you both are doing well.

OHN said...

I think you would do anything humanly (and not quite humanly ) possible to help M carry that baby. I see a compassionate husband. Am I close?

Rumour Miller said...

You are clearly crazy. Well that and you have uterus envy (kinda like penis envy).

No, seriously... I think it has much to do with the randomness of who conceives who doesn't and frustration at the shit that is infertility.

Looking forward to hearing your view.

Bea said...

1. Yes, compassionate, frustrated he can't solve situation.

2. Pregnancy=fertility=belief in own fertility but frustration at not being able to transfer that fertility into a healthy pregnancy for your wife. (Not a million miles from 1. above.)

Er... that's all I got. Seems everyone else has already made the obvious jokes. So c'mon - what've you got?


Treggles said...

Well, it's obvious, surely. You had the misfortune to watch Arnie's film Junior the night before.

Thalia said...

You feel like you are bearing a lot of the responsibility for getting pregnant, yet it's not productive - no baby resulting.

Grief for the lost baby that you nearly created this time - the baby in the dream will be lost, too.

Sense of frustration with the whole process, including some tension with why you are the one bearing the responsibility rather than doing so jointly with your wife (wanting to transfer a baby that started growing in you, to her).

how's that?

aah0424 said...

I have to agree that it has a lot to do with your frustration with who gets pregnant and who doesn't as well as your desire to fix the infertility. I also think it shows what kind of husband you are-you'd do anything to make your wife happy! And, yes I've read your past posts about what a jerk you can be but all in all you want to do right by your wife.