Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh Camera, I Barely Knew Ye

It all started out so well. Such a nice Sunday.

"It's so warm for January, isn't it?"

"Maybe we should take Buggins to the playground today?"

(Buggins starts jumping up and down screaming 'yes, yes')

"Great idea, let's bring the camera, maybe get some good shots"

We all get our coats on, I grab the camera, and we head out of the house towards the car in the driveway. I place the camera on the roof of the car so that I can hoist buggins into her car seat. She's all buckled in, I run around and get in the drivers seat, and we're off, singing about how wonderful playgrounds are and how much we adore global warming.

Then something occurs to me.

"You got the camera off the roof, right?"

"What? No. What the fuck was the camera doing on the roof?"

"Oh shit"

I pull a u-turn and head back towards home, while the Buggins screams "No! No! Playground!"

No worries, I say. I'm sure it slid off the roof near our driveway. It's probably on the side of the road. Gosh. I hope it's not too badly scratched up.

As we approached our street, (not our driveway, our STREET, which means the little bugger held on for a while) I see a shiny object in the middle of the fairly busy road. As we get closer, it starts to look more and more familiar.

It was my beloved camera. In the following condition:

I had about 50 great pictures in there that I never got to move to my computer. Who knows, one of them may have won a Pulitzer. Probably the one of Buggins sticking NuhNight's tail in her nose.

I bought a new camera. A fancy little 8 megapixel S.ony. But it's not the same.

Anyway, rest in peace, little camera. Sorry about that whole "roof" thing.


Melissa said...


Sorry about the lost shots-that's a real bummer. Are you the photography buff? Or is it the Mrs.? You always have the cutest pictures of Buggins!

My Reality said...

Sorry Smarshy, I couldn't help but laugh at this! I hope your new camera turns out to be great.

Rumour Miller said...

It's a sign that you needed a new one. Our sign was when we came home to find that our Black Lab ate it.

Erin said...

Poor little camera. Our sign that we needed a new camera was when we dropped it into the Gulf of Mexico. Our sign that we needed a new laptop was when J spilled water all over it.

Note to self: things that do not go well with electronics list needs to include both water and fast-moving cars.

Sam and Brian said...

Ouch. My husband won't ever let me live it down that I dropped ours in the ocean (5 years ago for petes sake).
Can't wait to see the new pictures you take!

serenity said...

OUCH. I am so sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh.

I do hope you made it to the playground after all...

Just another Jenny said...

I think we've all done it at some point. My husband bought a fancy humidor for his cigars and did the same thing, it smashed in a thousand pieces when it hit the road.

knight Presta said...

You have nailed a sony cam i guess..any ways take care next time