Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maybe I should read the directions

I can't figure out how to do this. I'm trying to get a picture in the upper right hand corner, but it's not working. Its driving me fucking crazy and I'm about to put my fist through my computer. I think I'm going to leave it for now and figure it out later.


This is the first post of my blog. Alot of pressure on the first post. Kind of sets the tone. If someone reads this and doesn't like it, I've lost them. I don't have lots of witty, intelligent past posts to fall back on.

I figured I'd start a blog because I've had a really fucked up year and I don't really have anyone I can truly bitch about it to. That's where you all come in. I can't bitch to my wife, 'cause she has much more to bitch about than I do (more on that later).

For summary purposes, I'll break it down thusly:

Married wife "M" in Jamaica in 2002. She's beautiful, caring, silly, intelligent. Kind of has a bitchy streak. But I love her madly and completely.

We tried to get pregnant for about 8 months starting in 2003. No luck. (Normally that would be no issue, but M was over 35 at this time so we had to get crackin'.) Had some tests done, and the Dr. told me my boys were 1) lazy 2) few in number 3) ugly and misshapen 4) generally BAD. So I had that going for me.

We had an IUI with M's OB. Total waste of time. Got poked and prodded and we were told that we had almost no chance of conceiving on our own. Took a month off to digest this terrible news. Guess what happened during that month? Yup - bingo. Remove the doctors and let a couple get their freak on because they actually WANT to, and its amazing what can happen.

Baby Buggins born September 2004. She is the most wonderful thing that ever was.

M was short of breath during pregancy, thought it was normal. It wasn't. After coughing her lungs out for a year, she went to the doctor. Idiopathic Larygotracheal Stenosis. Unexplained scar tissue building up in her trachea, blocking 80% of her airway. Big surgery, intensive care, big muthafucking scar across her neck.

2 months later, terrible pains, runs to emergency room. Another hospital stay. Exit gall bladder.

Time for new baby. No luck on our own for over a year. Started IUI, M responded too strongly to drugs, got converted to IVF all of a sudden, had 2 embryos transfered (my sperm count was BEYOND awesome by the way - it was like super-human good). M's beta test is Friday Aug 25th (tomorrow). I am praying. She is pretty sure it will be negative.

So those are the facts. In my next posts, I'll be able to share with you what I THINK about those facts. Plus new fun facts, like how much I hate my job. But I'm tired of typing.

By the way, I figured out how to get that picture on the top right corner. That's me.

See ya -


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Mony said...

Clever you!
Hoping that your next entry has some seriously good baby news.... I might even blogroll you!! Yes! I will!