Monday, August 28, 2006

My Name is Smarshy, and I'm a Blogaholic

6 months ago, I couldn't have told you what a blog was.

1 month ago, I knew what one was, but I had never read one.

Now, I'm banging one out every day, and I'm reading all your blogs voraciously. I can't get enough. Blog blog blog. Blog this, blog that. What's that? I've done 5 minutes of work IN A ROW at my job? Time for a blog break. Hey - I just took a leak, maybe during that time someone updated their blog or wrote me a comment. Better check.

I swear to God, I'm not well.

I think I'm just euphoric about having found a community that gets it. All our friends in real life are a bunch of - what do you guys call them? Asshats?

You guys had me at hello...(sniff)... You complete me.

Ok seriously, do you guys realize that my wife and I sit here, feet up on the coffee table, laptop slowly cutting off the circulation to our legs, waiting for you guys to update your blogs? C'mon...WTF? What are you guys doing? Working at your jobs? Going outside? Don't you know that we need to read your insights and humor to get through this post-BFN week? Get with it dammit.

That is all.


Mony said...

Have you found "Julie's Big List" yet? All the infertility before/during & after blogs you could ever want? Just incase you haven't it is at scroll down to her links "blogs aplenty" and go nuts.
Say goodbaye to your every spare moment. Blog stole my career about 4 years ago.....if only my boss knew what I do in here all day.

Mony said...

Oh! Oh! and
...and you really should get your feet off the coffee table :)

One Mother's Journey said...

If only reading blogs could get us pregnant.

candy said...

saw your link on a blog i read and just wanted to stop in and see what all the fuss is about. thanks for giving me another blog to read while i'm supposed to be working! i will warn you about mine, though you are welcome to read it. we are still infertile, but are adopting two girls from my family, a 5 and 9 year old. before april it's your regular infertility blog, after april it's a mish mash.

candy said...

oh yeah. i'm at i forget it doesn't show up when i comment.

LabiaLady said...

Oh yeah... I think we've all been there... you become a giant blog sponge... taking heart in the success stories, feeling the pain when the news is not good... sharing the good & bad times. It makes you feel like you're not alone... and you learn heaps.

Baby Blues said...

You're a natural! I just started last month. And yes, I agree it's addicting. Where else could you unload all your angst and have everyone cheer you on?!

Flmgodog said...

I am addicted as well. I am not even sure how I found your blog.
Have you taken a look at
They have all kinds of IF blogs, male factor IF, Female factor, adopting and all kinds of others.

Sorry to hear about the crappy cycle as well!

NikkiNix said...

You are the best!
Dying over here laughing and I caaaant wait!!!! to share you with my hubby :)

I was nervous about blogworld becasue I now realize that I was selfish, I wanted a place to vent, about him sometimes... but the truth is, we really are partners in this... I'll make sure he explores/visits within the next week. This one is pretty hectic - thanks for being here.