Sunday, December 03, 2006


M is lying on the couch, all valium-ed up with a belly full of blastocysts.

The good news is that of the two than went in, one was VERY good, and the other was good. We wanted to make sure they didn't put any bad ones in, because last night we watched The Omen and we saw what can happen when you get a bad one.

The "not good" news is that the other 7 didn't quite made it to blast. There probably won't be anything to freeze, which is a huge disappointment for us. I suspect, were it not for the valium, M would be having a cow right about now.

They are going to continue to monitor them, and if they reach blast then they'll freeze them. But they think it's unlikely. I DID think things were going a little TOO well.

This cycle has been different than past cycles. Not nearly as much stress, NO fights, no crying. M was a great sport throughout all of it. That is due in large part to stripping away from M all the things that really drive her crazy (dealing with the nurses, dealing with the insurance people, dealing with the medicine.) So I took over all of that this time. And it made a HUGE difference. Yesterday we barely thought about the transfer today. We went to bed last night almost as if it were any other night.

I woke up around 4am wracked with butterflies in my stomach, but I wasn't sure why. But my stomach was in knots. I lay there for almost an hour pondering what was bothering me, and then it hit me: Twins. I am terrified of twins. We have NO support system, no family, friends who have their own problems, a small house in an expensive town and my wife has a very low tolerance for stress. Twins would destroy us.

Before long, I realized M was lying awake too, and we started talking. Turns out she was lying there worrying about twins too. If we were childless, it wouldn't be an issue. But we have a 2 year old. After a long discussion we decided it would probably be best to transfer only one blast, to eliminate the twin risk. But that was when we thought we'd have a whole litter to freeze.

So M went in at 11:15, and I waited outside with the Buggins. The doctor said to M: "You should transfer two" and M said "OK." Well, so much for our discussion.

We are now officially in the 2 week wait. I think it may pass more quickly than others, at least for me, because starting Tuesday I'll be in London for work and then San Fran and then NYC. So I'll be keeping myself busy. And getting lots of sleep in giant king size hotel beds. Love that.

Thanks for all your well wishes!


Thalia said...

Congratulations, smarshy, it sounds like you've got 2 in there with a good chance.

P.S. If you have time, I'll buy you a coffee while you're here.

Mr Blue Sky said...

Hey amigo,
Glad to hear everything went well.
Take it easy we'll br thinking of you all.

Mr & Mrs Blue Sky

Anonymous said...

Great news, glad to hear all went well ! And you never know about the other embryos, they could surprise everyone and make it to freezing.

JMA and I had the same discussion re:twins the other night. He's terrified, I'm not. But we don't have any kids so I realize it's not exactly the same.

Glad that you'll be traveling for most of the 2ww. I wish I was!!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for the 2 of you!! Sounds like you have a great shot.

BTW - just playing catch up and loved your "Kids at Clinic" post. I applaud you for having the courage to post it and I very much agree on every point.

Happy Travels.

Anonymous said...

Good news. My last cycle of the seven embryos we had left at transfer, they told us they didn't expect any to make it to blast- but 2 did. Hope M's two week wait will pass as quickly as it sounds like yours will.

Mony said...

Twins would destroy you? Smarsh!

I "think" I know what you mean.
Well here's hoping for pregnant but not too pregnant, huh?

My Reality said...

I hope the 2 week wait goes smoothly for M, it sounds like you will be occupied enough to be a little distracted. I wish you both the best of luck with this cycle.

OHN said...

Just like a man--try to knock up the little woman and head out of town ;)

I hope M has some help the next two weeks so she can take it easy--good luck and safe travels!

theoneliner said...

Well, hopefully whether any others make it...won't matter because Mrs. S will be knocked up! But not too knocked up. I get the twins thing...having two small children is insanity enough...three is madness.

You two are in my thoughts. Man, i have sooo much hope for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and M! Take this one step at a time, get pg first then worry about twins. I have a lot of hope for you two this cycle.

Glad to hear your 2ww may go by quickly. I hope it goes by just as quickly for M.

Just another Jenny said...

The nice thing about a blast transfer is that it cuts a few days off the wait. I think it was a great idea for you to handle the more stressful things (insurance, nurses).
I'm really hoping you get some good news.

May said...

Focus on one worry at a time.
In a month you can start thinking (and worrying) about how to raise twins.

spark said...

Good luck to you and M! If you end up with twins I'm sure you'll get a bunch of takers on the spare! ;)

LOL about The Omen.

Krista said...

Good luck Smarshy and M! Poor M, left alone to cope with the 2 ww and Buggins alone while you are jetsetting. Make sure to give her a big hug before you go!