Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh, that's right, I have a blog...

I haven't been too good at updating this thing lately, and I apologize to anyone who has come here looking for updated posts. Work has gotten uncharacteristically busy, and that has left me no time to write. I really miss it, though. I've been reading all your blogs, though - and I want to give a big shout out to Alli and to Soralis. That's the good news I've been craving lately.

Too much to say to do it all in one post, so here is a quick executive summary:

Things are good on this front. We are on day 7 of Lupron. I love giving shots. Actually, I only like it every other day. For some reason, it doesn't hurt at all when I put the shot in M's left leg, but when I put it in her right leg, she screams like I'm poking her with a red-hot branding iron. That takes the fun out of it. Well, most of the fun. It's still a little fun.

So far, no side effects at all - no headaches or abnormal craziness. I say abnormal because if there was NO craziness, that would be incredibly abnormal.

We start stims on Saturday. I imagine that's when the evil Sith Lord will invade my wife's body. I'm planning on shutting down half my brain for that 2 week period.

She has to get an MRI on Friday because they think she may have an obstructed bile duct left over from her recent gall bladder surgery. Depending on what they see, this whole cycle could end up in the shitter. If she does have to have surgery, we hope we can at least get to the retrieval stage first, and then make some frosties. We'll see.

Buggins in sick. My poor little buggins. Nothing is as terrible as seeing your little girl sick, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Fever, sniffles, coughing. I would give anything to take her illness away and give it to myself. One good thing about it: she gets really cuddly when she's sick, like a puppy.

M and I are still seeing the social worker every week, but we had a breakthrough. Actually, she had a breakthrough. I was staring out the window watching workmen lay brick on some new construction. They had nice form.

Anyway, I'll tell you all about that (the breakthrough, not the brickwork) another time. I gotta get home to see the Buggins.


soralis said...

Hope all goes well with the MRI and the cycle. I will be crossing my fingers for you.

Ahh poor little Buggins, that sucks!

Brick work... you and my husband must be related somehow!! :)

Take care

Anonymous said...

Oy. Sounds like fun in the Smarshy household. I am very glad that Mrs. Smarshy had a breakthrough and that the Lupron is going ok... not ok... ok... not ok... :)

Hope Buggins feels better soon. :(

Anonymous said...

Poor little thing. It isn't any fun when they are sick. Glad you are finding some amusement in the form of the injections! LOL.

royalyne said...

*Virtual chicken soup with those cute little goldfishy crackers* for the Buggins. I hope she feels better soon.

And good luck for Mrs. Smarshy and her MRI and getting to continue the cycle.

Grrr, well-wishes will have to end at that, DH wants me to watch some google video of police dog training. Good Luck with all!

Anonymous said...

Hope Buggins is feeling better and that the MRI and cycle timing all work out.

Kimmer said...

Hope Buggins gets feeling better also and I hope Mrs. Buggins does not need surgery...

Katie said...

Gives new meaning to the phrase "sticking it to her" doesn't it?


My Reality said...

I have just recently come out of the hospital after having an obstructed bile duct after my gallbladder surgery. I had a procedure called an ERCP to remove the gallstone that caused a total bile duct blockage. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all. It was the before the procedure that was one of the worst experiences of my life. If M has any questions, etc., she can email me as she has so kindly done in the past.

I hope the Buggins is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I will also be starting stims on Saturday if all goes well and so you can expect many Sith Lord sounding comments from then on. I will keep fingers crossed that M's MRI does not show anything that could keep you from moving on with your cycle. Like you need anything else to stress about during all of this.

Poor Buggins! I hope she feels better soon.