Friday, November 17, 2006

SHOCKING Update to Pumpkin Touching

So I got home last night and, after eating a delicious bee boo (oh yeah, we're back baby), I settled down with a little glass of scotch. I ruminated a bit on the pumpkin touching dilemma, as I watched buggins perform her "ring around the rosey" dance 1,472 times in a row. I knew that today, Friday, she would be spending the day at the Children's Program, where Rick works and perhaps practices his evil pumpkin touching. I decided to probe on the matter.

Smarshy: Buggins, what's happening tomorrow?
Buggins: Want cookie
Smarshy: No, Buggins, what's happening tomorrow?
Buggins: Rick. Rick touched the pumpkin.
Smarshy: What? Say that again
Buggins (getting annoyed with me): Daaadddyyy...Rick chachy plumpgrem!
Smarshy: Buggins, I'm sorry, I didn't quite get that. Say it again.
Buggins: Rick cheldmen prugum!!!
Smarshy: What?? Rick cheldmen prugrum?
Buggins (totally exasperated with me): RICK CHILDRENS PROGRAM!!

Oh my God. She wasn't saying Rick touched the pumpkin. She was saying Rick Childrens Program. As in "I want to go see Rick at the Children program".

I totally threw Rick under the bus needlessly. I guess I can put away my lead pipe and brass knuckles. And I was all geared up for "mortal combat" type bloodshed and asskicking.
Oh well. Crisis averted. Riddle solved. She is at the Childrens Program right now, stuffing her little face with french toast sticks and subjecting Rick to hours of Ring Around The Rosey entertainment.


Baseline ultra-sound was this morning. M has 10 follicles, which they said was very good, given that she was on birth control pills for 2 weeks. The Dr. said many women have none on their first ultrasound. And she hasn't even had any stims yet.

So it looks like M is off to a good start. They expect her to be a "good responder". Yeah, that's my lady.


theoneliner said...

oh, too funny. well, good. the pumpkin is safe and has been all along.

go mrs. s with those stims. i'm betting this is giong to be a very good cycle.

city doc is making it happen!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh...I think I just peed myself that was so funny.

Anonymous said...

SO glad to see the pumpkin touching mystery solved. Poor Rick, his ears must have been burning with all the talk about him! And now we have a new dirty reference to use as in "guess who touched the pumpkin last night". Nice.

I also had my baseline this morning and I too have quite a few little follicles so I'm very proud of my ovaries! Does M start stims tonight? JMA and I are gearing up for figuring out how the hell to use the stupid Folli.stim pen. Last time we didn't have to deal with this stupid thing.

Good luck starting stims! Tell M I'm right there with her. Bring on the crazy!

One Mother's Journey said...

Awesome. I'm so pleased that's all it was. Very sweet. Do you guys keep a scrapbook for Buggins? You really need to stick that story in there if you do - totally priceless.

Great job on the follies M!!

aah0424 said...

Glad the pumpkin touching crisis was a false alarm! Your daughter sounds like she is so precious and you do a great job of describing her!

Go, MrsSmarshy, go!

OHN said...

I would still kick Rick's ass just for good measure~ then have Buggins carry around a picture of his beaten face so any future pumpkin touchers will know whats coming from dad if they come any closer ;)

Melissa said...

Smarsh...Glad the pumpkin/prelumpkin/schmumpkin...was no big deal! Seriously..I was concerned and thought about it on several occassions yesterday.

On another note..I'm feeling quite a bit of peer pressure to share the dirty little secret...mainly from YOU and ONELINER...I bet you were the ones in high school who corrupted the good me..who was raised in a strict mormon family..then senior year went against the grain...maybe it was you at that party who made me drink the bottle of vodka...I dunno..then, I met a boy...who went to a private christian high school...then, the day before my dad became bishop, I married...definately NOT in the mormon way...and that's my dirty secret...too bad it's not THAT exciting....But nonetheless, it's HUGE part of my life. Would it be more exciting if I told you I have a twin brother who is absolutely perfect so that makes me the "evil twin?" Well...there you have secret...hope I didn't disappoint too much!

SmarshyBoy said...

Melissa, wow, you were right. You do use "..." alot when you write.

Pretty good story - I promise I will tell NO ONE. Just between you and me. And the approx 300 readers I get every day.

Anonymous said...

I am LMAO here. Awesome.

Yay on Mrs S being a "good responder." That's awesome!

Piccinigirl said...

I never understand anything anyone under (oh ok) 5 has to say. I am not proud of it and believe that it may be why I am IF... but I am glad that the pumkin drama is over and Buggins is at the Rick's Children Program. LMAO :)

glad Mrs S is responding well...that is a good piece of Friday news. GOOD LUCK

Rumour Miller said...

OMG, that is freaking hiliarious...

So glad that it is freaking hiliarious! Congrats on the 10 follies! You go Mrs. Smarshy, girl!

Thalia said...

Great news on the follies.

Anonymous said...

LOL about the deciphering.

Great news about the follicles! You guys are off to a fantastic start. :) What's the next step!?

My Reality said...

Congrats on the follies!

Ali said...

LOL, oh god, you SLAY me!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the Buggins and her pumpkin remain innocent and that Rick was saved from an unfortunate pummeling.

Hope the rest of the cycle holds continued good news.