Friday, November 24, 2006

A Stimulating Thanksgiving

First of all, Blogger is pushing Beta like it's crack. They are getting more and more creative about finding ways to trick me into switching. Hear this, Blogger! I ain't switching! Not gonna do it! Finish getting all the bugs out with all the other suckas and then I'll come by when you take the "beta" out of the name. It wasn't the pioneers who had the best life, blogger. It was the pioneers who ended up with arrows in their backs. The guys who had it made were the guys who waited for the roads to be built by all the suckers. Then they just drive on through.

Phew. I went on about that a bit longer than I intended and much longer than was appropriate.

M and I had to stick around here for the holidays, because she had to get an ultrasound. My 3 siblings, their spouses, and all 10 of their kids got together at my sister's house in upstate NY, but we obviously could not make it. Explaining that one to them was not easy and I think some feelings got hurt. But hey, our feelings are hurt by IF, so it's all good.

The RE's office on T'Giving morning was more action-packed than I was prepared for. We brought The Buggins with us, since we had the first appt, 8am, and we really thought we'd be the only people there because of the holiday. Not so.

Something about that place makes the Buggins misbehave, I don't get it. Seriously, she is the most even-tempered, well behaved little girl, until she gets to our clinic. Then all bets are off. (Remember, that's where she bit M's finger).

Apparently, I was "spotted" by a REAL LIFE blogging buddy, Lola. We had both figured out that we probably used the same clinic, and our timing is pretty much the same, but since she has never posted a picture or even described herself, I had no idea what to look for. (She did mention once that she likes wearing 4 inch heels, but I'm on the lookout for ladies like that all the time anyway, so the RE waiting room would be no different.) Lola - had you worn those, I'd remember you perfectly.

Anyway, she saw me, and what's even better is that she saw the Buggins have a freaking BREAKDOWN when M was called in and Buggins could not follow her. We normally don't bring buggins in the waiting room, in fact I normally don't go to these appointments at all, but we made an exception that day. I scooped up the Buggins and calmed her down by promising her things I had no intention of ever providing (a whole car made out of chocolate? Forget it).

Unfortunately, despite recognizing me, Lola did not introduce herself because she was unsure whether I would welcome it. Let me clear that up right now: If any of you ever see me in real life, no matter what I'm doing, please stop me and introduce yourself. I will ALWAYS be happy you did. I can not think of an instance where I would be unhappy you did, unless you went on to mug me or something. Or spit on me. Because if I see you, and I know it's you, I don't care if you're on the phone. I'm coming up to you. And we're talking.

So after Buggins calmed down, I brought her back inside the waiting room and went to the far, far corner and sat down. After a few moments of quiet, I thought perhaps Buggins was going to make it easy on me.

That's right about when she started lifting up her shirt, showing all that God gave her, and yelling "Daddy eat it!!". Daaaadddyyyy, EAT IT!"(Lola - did you catch that little show??). Buggins was referring to her Bee Boo, which is an innocent little game we play in the privacy of our own home. Perfectly innocent, I assure you.

Well, it didn't look so innocent to the lady sitting across from us. She totally looked at me as if I was some kind of sicko. I guess a little girl flashing her stomach and yelling for her Daddy to "EAT IT" is a bit of a red flag.

M's follicles all look good, not too many, not too few. It looks like we'll trigger on Sunday or Monday. We're back tomorrow for another U/S.

We finished up the day with an excellent dinner at The Hampshire House, which you may recognize as the restaurant upstairs from Cheers. I think it was called Melville's on the show. We love it there.

Have a great weekend everyone -


Anonymous said...

I think I got caught up in wondering what the etiquette is when you run into someone in real life and you're in the Re's office - do you say hi? is that weird? what to do? Next time I will definitely say hello.

I don't think I noticed the "daddy eat it!" show, which is too bad because that is hysterical especially in a packed waiting room at 8am!

theoneliner said...

"EAT IT"....hahahahahahahahahaha.
very funny.

glad everything is moving right along cycle wise.

fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

totally with you on the beta, however i was the fool and i regretted the switch about two seconds after i did it, is there a switch back button? n.e.way, don't fall to the pressures, it's awful.

also, i think waiting rooms hold some kind of devil aura in them where children pull out all their worst behavior. mine does it too!

eat it, so funny, you always have me laughing outloud...

May said...

Blogger is getting on my nerves too! The more they insist, the less I'll do it. Also, although I do consider myself pretty, I thought that I needed some more information before switching, not just their advice. At present time, I would switch...perhaps to Wordpress.

Best wishes.

OHN said...

Kids have unbelievable timing don't they?! Too funny!

I was in Boston 20 years ago for a neurology symposium--loved it!(Boston not the symposium). Our hotel (Copley Square I believe) caught on fire at 3 am, when we heard all the firetrucks we thought, gee someting big is going in...we didn't know that we were the something big. I ate the best burger EVER at the "Cheers" bar.A little touristy but great food.

spark said...

LOL about the EAT IT!! Lola, you definitely need to bring a camera (pref. video) to the waiting room to capture some of this. Seriously! :)

Glad to hear that the cycle is progressing nicely! Looks like a nice & cozy place for T-giving dinner.

Good luck with the trigger shot!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry- I know it must have been horribly embarassing, but that "eat it" story was hysterical!

songbird36 said...

I swear, you have the best stories. Best of luck with the trigger/retrieval and all that.

Anonymous said...

I'm with kris- it must have been horrible and embarrassing there, but the image of Buggins yelling "EAT IT!" in a crowded waiting room has me in fits of hysterical laughter.

I am very happy that M's cycle seems to be going well!