Monday, September 25, 2006

ANOTHER Post That Will Piss Off The Wife

Why do I do it? Why do I proceed on an action I know will get me in trouble? WHY? It's the same reason why The Buggins keeps sticking her hands in the toilet despite our repeated demands that she stop.

Because we're bad.

First off, thanks for your comments that you think the Buggins is cute. I must admit, I agree. As many of you already know, and as many others will know someday, one of the greatest things about being a parent is the feeling of being proud of your kids. Jesus. I sounded like my dad just then.

Anyway, back to being bad. As many of you may recall, when I posted about changing our care to CityDoc, I mentioned that M was due to get her period any second (I'm sorry, I just can't bring myself to call it Aunt Flo or AF. I'll let that be your thing). Well, now it's 3 days later, and it still hasn't come.

As you also may recall, we had a cancelled cycle last month. That didn't, however, prevent us from trying on our own (insert funky 70's porno music here).

Now, before anyone jumps to conclusions or gets excited, there are a couple of wrinkles.
1) You may remember that M was unsure when her day 1 was, and may have called it up to 3 days early
2) Word on the street is that if you take pregesterone, it can lengthen your cycle for up to 2 cycles after you stop taking it (I can actually find no evidence on Dr. Google that this is true, but my wife told me that, and I'm not stupid enough to question my wife about girlie things even if I suspect she made them up)

My wife gets very upset if I start to get a little excited when she's late. Around day 29 or 30, I start in with the "did you get it yet?" every hour or so. I know that must be incredibly annoying. I am powerless to stop it. She has begged me to stop asking her. She tells me I will be the FIRST to know if she gets it. So then I stop asking for a day or so. And then I start to wonder "Did she get it and just forget to tell me? If that's true, the only decent thing I can do is remind her..."

It drives her batshit.

You know what will drive her even MORE batshit? The fact that I am not only speculating that we could have gotten the brass ring this month, but I am speculating about it on the INTERNET.

Honey, if you're reading this, did you get your period yet?


Katie said...

You're learning, my friend, you're learning...

If you wife is similar to me at all, hubby is the FIRST person I tell.

Krista said...

Smarshy, that ending was down right cute. Not quite as cute as the buggins, but cute in it's own right.

Having said that, let me tell you that if my husband asked me every hour if I got my period yet, at a time when I was sick to my stomach wondering when or if it was coming, analyzing every twinge, I would be annoyed too. Very annoyed.

Hope she doesn't get her period and that you end up with another miracle.

serenity said...

I'm with M on this one... trust me - you will know when she gets her period. :)

aah0424 said...

Smarshy,stop driving your wife batshit! My husband does the same exact thing and it drives me apeshit, so I can imagine that batshit is equally as annoying.

I don't think she'll forget to tell you either way, you're pretty key to this process.

soralis said...

You are such a guy... I love your perspective on things!

I have heard that prog. can delay your period, doesn't do that for me so I have no idea!

Take care and wishing you luck this month!

One Mother's Journey said...

My husband does the same thing to me. I've even known him to rifle around in the garbage looking for used pregnancy tests... cause he knows I've been using them, probably for the past several days. It's ironic that he thinks I would "forget" to tell him when he's the only one I want to tell (cry to) when the inevitable happens.

Such a sucky situation. Plus, I'm sure it's only compounded by the fact that you got pregnant before during a "down" cycle.

My Reality said...

Fingers crossed that it doesn't arrive. And you realize that a pre-menstrual woman can be a little more sensitive then usual, right? I really do think you are getting this. . .