Monday, September 04, 2006

Life's a Beach

We had a good day. Decided to take a vacation from infertility.

We went for a long walk around the Crane Estate, which is this huge expanse of land in Ipswich, MA along the water. Beautiful beach, great walking trails, hardly any people.

Anyway, we spent the morning climbing dunes and having fun with The Buggins. M didn't want to go. I made her.

We have spent all our time complaining, bitching, crying, obsessing about IF, Dr. ButtMunch, bitch-nurses, and follistim pens. I really wanted us to have a day that we just enjoyed; just a moment in time where we didn't fret about the future or regret the past. It sounds simple and even corny. But I think we could all use a day like that, where we simply just enjoy TODAY. Fuck Infertility. (for those of you offended by my crassness, F*CK infertility)

It was a an unbridled success (except for a phone call on M's cell from bitch-nurse telling us to STAY on 75 megawatts - WTF?? I'm calling the Dr. tomorrow, and I have asskicking on my mind) .

As I've said before, I have worrried about the effect of all of this on The Buggins. I really wanted a day just for us. Not for some desired, unborn and unconceived baby to-be. So we walked, sniffed some crazy flowers, tried to eat a pinecone, built gigantic sand castles, and reminded ourselves why we are going through all this IF bullshit in the first place.

Because little kids F'ing ROCK.

Peace out -


One Mother's Journey said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful - stolen moments are definetly essential.

Fuck infertility indeed.

Krista said...

Yup, little kids do fucking rock and it is really good to sit back every now and then and remember why we are fighting the good fight. Glad you took that opportunity.

Southern Comfortable said...

Those days "off" are absolutely necessary. Glad y'all had one. Love the picture!

spark said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I miss living closer to the beach...

And most definitely fuck infertility!

My Reality said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Great pic. And you are right, sometimes we just need to fuck infertility. I hope you have more days like this one soon.

Mony said...

..can't update.
Still in mourning.

aah0424 said...

Beautiful picture! I'm gload you guys could have a fuck infertility day!

songbird36 said...

Cute pic! You all definitely need a day like that every now and then...I mean, who can resist the yummy pine cones. Hang in there with the shots and the evil medical machine. You probably need to go ballistic one good time to get them on board with giving you all the info you need.