Friday, September 08, 2006

Reflections on the week from hell

Happy Friday bloggers. (Or for you Australians, happy Saturday morning...)

Sitting here with a martini reflecting on the crazy IF week. Cancelled cycles, traumatized wife, death threats against me, my job stressing me out big time, and to top it all off, my 2 year old is hunched over, holding her crotch and yelling "Boo Boo". (Not quite sure what to do about that one...wife is calling the appropriate people.)

Just to update you in the event you may be interested, we called Dr. Buttmunch's office and told them we want to sit down with the good doctor to discuss our care. Seems like a straightforward request - we are his patients, after all. And, it seems to me that many of you have just this kind of conversation with your RE every single day.

The nurse said she'd be happy to book a meeting with our doctor. Next available appointment: October 25th. That's 7 f'ing weeks away. Does that make sense to you?

So we called our old RE, CityDoc. Can he see us? Sure, come on in. September 22. That's TWO weeks. We can get into a doctor we are not USING in 2 weeks. The doctor responsible for our CURRENT CARE? 7 weeks.

So we are feeling pretty good about our decision to go to CityDoc.

Feeling less good about my daughter's "boo boo" in her netherregion. If that 3 year old in the leather jacket down the street gave her something, I swear to God...


Krista said...

Three year old in the leather jacket....LOL

So sorry to hear about your daughter, hope it is not something serious.... maybe just a UTI?

Glad to hear that you've made a decision about the docs and are happy with it. I hope he is able to offer you some insight.

Yeah, and 7 weeks to see your treating doctor after a cancelled cycle.... absolutely ridiculous. At my clinic the day of transfer you are given an appointment for a week after your blood test in case it's a negative and you want to discuss the cycle. If you get preggers you just call and cancel (or I guess you could go and celebrate ... I wouldn't know).

susan said...

excellent news re: citydoc. i have been steaming mad ever since reading about your plight with buttmunch. it is so outrageous i am at a loss for words actually.

please make sure citydoc will be as responsive as you need. if not, find someone else. it will make a huge difference. when you feel like everything possible is being done with the best care, it is easier to leave the outcome up to fate.

Drew said...


A man who is able to verbalise his feelings about the whole IVF trip. My salute to you and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Hang in there. Sounds like your wife is in good hands!!!

May said...

Poor you all: the toddler needs a lot of care, yet-to-come babies already cause pain, the partner is sad and will eventually get better.

OHN said...

Stumbled upon your blog and you zinged me back to my years of Injections, ultrasounds,sperm in a cup etc etc. It is a living nightmare!I remember getting soooo pissed when hubby wasn't as devastated as I was each month with no results. I wanted to have his baby but kill him at the same time. Those hormones can make you crazy-don't let wife near any knives for the next couple weeks.Keep us posted. Chris

One Mother's Journey said...

Oh the poor baby! I'm betting it's a UTI. Little girls are very prone to them especially if they take bubble baths. At least she's communicating to you where it hurts!

Good luck with the citydoc. Oh and I would definetly call back buttmunch's office and tell him the reason you are persuing treatment elsewhere is because he couldn't see his patients for 7 weeks. Ridiculous. In particular when you've just had a cancelled cycle - who wouldn't want to talk about that?

My Reality said...

I am also thinking UTI or something related with your daughter. Is she feeling any better?

I can't believe your current doctor would make you wait 7 weeks for an appointment. It sounds like the city doc is getting better and better.

Katie said...

I feel ya on the scheduling appointments. Wonder what would happen if you said you were taking your business elsewhere?

As for daughter, if it's any consolation, I waited until I was 5 years old to play "you know what" in the closet with Daniel Maze, my neighbor and best friend. That was kissing on the lips, by the way.

Beagle said...

So sorry about the canceled cycle. That is a nasty blow. My sympathies to you both.

I hope citydoc proves worth the drive. It's sad that good care is not a given.

I am latex allergic and I finally resorted to getting the special stuff (aka probe covers) out of the cupboard myself at the clinic becasue I got so annoyed at reminding the doc every time. It is written in big red letters on my chart, but does that help?? No, you guessed right, it does not.

Sigh. And we pay big bucks for this.