Monday, September 18, 2006

I Got Tagged Again

**Added note: In case you are wondering, yes, I did create another post the same day because I got a little sick of the negative attention from the previous one. I know, I asked for it, and I'm glad I was honest and I'm glad I leveled the playing field. But now I'm done and I'm turning the spigot off. I want to be wonderful again.***

Just Another Jenny From The Infertility Block just tagged me. (Jenny, did you every consider calling it 'Jenny from the Blog'? That's kind of funny.)

Anyway, she incorrectly called me a tag virgin. I was tagged once before. Although like most virgin experiences, that first time wasn't all that good and I think I didn't really do it right. Glad to have another chance; hopefully this time will be better for everyone involved.

My words:

Hope: This is a blog about infertility, and I get "hope" as a word? I'll spare you all the "we are desperately hoping for another child..." bit. I knew a girl in college named Hope, and she was ridiculously hot. Problem was, no one knew that quite as well as she did. But still, so hot.

In-laws: I don't have any. My wife's father died tragically of a heart attack 2 years before I met her. And her mother slipped into a bad place after that, and as a result cut off ties with her entire family. So as far as I know, she's alive, but we have never met, she doesn't know I exist, and most tragically (for her), she doesn't even know about The Buggins!

Sports: Oh, that was the title of the 1983 album by Huey Lewis and the News that changed my life. I was 12, and as far as I was concerned, this band was God. I saw them in concert in Hartford, CT when there were on tour promoting this album. My sister's boyfriend took me to the concert as a way to score points with my sister. He let me drink beer. Awesome.

Bush: Hmmnnnn. Please see response above re: Hope. Enough said. (Remember, wife reads this)

Ok, coming atcha, One Mother's Journey, Mrs. Negative, Krista, and not just The Oneliner, but TheOneLinersPookie. Oh yeah. That's her husband. (Hey Pookie, did you think I was going to let that one go?)

***Forgot to include words. See, I'm no good at this.



theoneliner said...

Thanks for the tag, i think?

Pookie is pissy due to a s/a earlier this a.m. Although, if his troops checked out maybe his a bit more chipper.

I suspect that he is about as pissy as you about being tagged. We'll see .....

theoneliner said...

Gaaawwwdddd, how emasculating am i? First I name him pookie and then I tell the world that he had a s/a this a.m.

Bad wifie....bad wifie...

SmarshyBoy said...

What's to be pissy about? He had a little party for one in a private room with some fine literature...I'm onto him. I've played that card too...but I know the TRUTH

Just another Jenny said...

I guess we both needed to get away from a controversial post.

I knew you'd find a way to turn hope into something funny. As for sports, I never thought of huey lewis but I can see the album cover right now. I need a new drug! Too bad I didn't get the word joint.
As for Bush - love it - I knew you'd have fun with that one. Coulda gone political or gardening with it but I didn't expect anything else from you.

p.s. - I thought of Jenny from IF blog after as a better spin on words but people had already linked me so I just left it.

Just another Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just another Jenny said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just another Jenny said...

Those deletes are me - for some reason my comment posted three times?

Alli said...

No, you did not think Huey Lewis & the News were God. Yuck!! :)

That's so sad about your MIL.

Baby Blues said...

You're hilarious! ;)
Sad to hear about your MIL. I feel I also slipped into a bad place after finding about my IF. Although I haven't cut off my ties with my family, I feel cut off from my in-laws.

serenity said...

Smarsh - I did kind of go on and on about LOR on my blog, huh? Yep. Big fat dork. That's me. :)

To your yoga question: I go to a place in Reading called "Yoga Moves." Their Bikram class is at 5:30 Mondays and Wednesdays, so sometimes it's hard to get there because it's early. But it's GREAT and I love how it makes me feel so I suck it up and leave work early those days.

And it's on my way home from all of my clients, so it's easy to get to.

There is another Bikram studio in Swampscott called "Bikram Yoga North Shore." They don't have a website, but that may be closer than Reading place I go.

Just a thought. There are tons of other kinds of yoga out there - some are in hot rooms, others aren't. I prefer the hot room ones but it's not for everyone.