Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So I was "Tagged"

I take it this is the new electronic way to play the age old game, except that now we are in our 30's. While I am happy to be included, the truth is I actually dread these types of things, they're kind of like chain letters. What happens if I don't tag other people? Will I have bad luck?

OK, here were the words given to me, and the thoughts they elicited:

Limb: What I would have given one of not to be tagged
Sand: What I would have eaten in order not to be tagged
Satisfaction: Something this exercise is not giving me
Divine: Divine Brown. I'll never understand why Hugh Grant was out on the street paying for it when he had Elizabeth Hurley at home. Honestly. She's like the most beautiful woman on the planet (next to my wife, but you wouldn't know that because I'm not allowed to post a picture of her).

Sorry Serenity, this is coming to you. (I'll only tag one person, if that's alright...)




One Mother's Journey said...

LOL. Nicely done.

Hey it's only fair that you join in on these time honored traditions!

Patricia said...

so how's it work? do you select words to thrust upon someone? interesting. not interesting enough to be tagged, of course.