Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Gearing Up For CityDoc

Ok, we're getting ready to go see CityDoc on Friday and basically tattle on Dr. ButtMunch. We are going to tell CityDoc how we've been treated like crap and how no one ever told us anything and how it took 7 weeks to get an appt with our doctor and how he was mean to us and how he wouldn't share any of his candy with us. Ok maybe not that last part.

I'm very interested in his reaction. Will he say "Dear God, you poor brave souls, how you have survived such torment? I'm calling the authorities immediately and having ButtMunch arrested. We will never ever treat you in such a way. I am going to be with you every inch of the way, and I am dropping all my other patients so that I can focus all my time on you. M, while you're here, I'd like you to step into our Chocolate and JellyBelly Relaxation Room, where your feet and hands will me rubbed by a team of 3 armed midgets. Smarshy, you step into our Male Fantasy Room, where you will find 10 dancing bi-sexual slutty virgins awaiting you."

Or will he say "So what's so bad about that? I'm not sure I would have done anything differently. Sounds like a decent practice to me...Do you know if they're hiring?"

My gut tells me the actual response will fall somewhere in the middle (but will hopefully still include the slutty virgins).

So I'm hoping to draw on all your 10,000 years of combined fertility experience to help us. Since we're still kind of new to IVF, we're not sure we know all the right questions to ask to determine if the clinic is right for us. We certainly have a long list already, but I'm afraid we're missing something. I'm sure there's a great deal of knowledge out there, so let me have some of it please!

** Edit: Just to clarify, with reference to the three armed midgets, I am talking about a team of midgets with THREE ARMS (you know, for better massage). I am NOT talking about midgets with GUNS. I mean, that's just disturbing and silly, quite frankly. Why would you possibly need guns in the Chocolate and JellyBelly Relaxation Room?


Alli said...

Nothing to contribute to the IVF questions, not having gone that far myself at this point. Save the list for me, though. You never know.

I just had to comment because I'm LMAO over the "slutty" virgins. LOL!!

Mony said... are FUNNY. I think.
Only THREE midgets to massage hands & feet but TEN dancing lesbians?
I can't think of anything IVF related with those visions in my head!
Midgets! Hee!
..and bi-sexuals! All in one room! Tops!

lola said...

Good god are you funny... If you find a clinic with that chocolate & jellybean relaxation room you will have to let me know. And slutty virgins = awesome.

Ok questions. Now, mind you, that when we started the IVF process a year ago, we did not ask any questions we just jumped in and said "give us a baby!". No baby yet but we're working on it.

I would ask:

1. How often will you see your own Re? Are they available if you have questions or will you always be referred to their nurse? (which most of the time is fine, I get most of my useful info from the nurses!)

2. If you call the office and leave a message will your call be returned that same day? (this will become important when you're waiting on beta results, etc).

3. Will you have one nurse assigned to your case (you want this b.c they get to know you and will help you if you need it!)?

3. How do they go about the insurance approval process? How much time does it usually take?

4. What kind of success rates do they have - ask about live births, not just pregnancies (for instance, I got pregnant but miscarried so it's a "yes" on their pregnancy numbers but a big fat "no" for live birth numbers).

ummm, hmm I think that's it. You may have thought of most of this already. At least those are the things I wish I had asked at the beginning. Thankfully we've been pretty lucky at our IVF clinic and i have no complaints.
good luck !!

serenity said...

LMAO. Funny you mentioned this, I was going to send you some questions which you should ask CityDoc... :)

Hope548 said...

I think you should tell citydoc exactly the kind of care that you're hoping for and see what he says. I have been through treatments with two different doctors, and if I ever choose to try ART again, I won't go back to either of them. I think you learn over time what you want from a doctor. You pay them a lot of money and you deserve personalized care.

Good luck!

spark said...

I'm sure my DH would be very very into the Male Fantasy Room. ;) Although I'm confused about the whole slutty virgin concept...but I guess it *is* a fantasy...

I'd imagine that CityDoc will want to review your old records. So you might want to send them to him ASAP to review in advance. (and be prepared that Dr. BM's office might not make copies very quickly)

I'd ask if he has any thoughts on additional testing? I forget - have you been diagnosed with anything? Or unexplained? Maybe there's something uncovered.

Also if he has any protocol suggestions given your background/diagnosis. REs have such different approaches...he might suggest something completely different. Maybe estrogen priming if your wife isn't a great responder. Maybe a "flare". microdose Lupron? there are a million options...

And how much interaction you'll have with the CityDoc - how available is he for questions? That seemed to be a big issue with BM.

Good luck on Friday!

theoneliner said...

Man, for what its worth...and were it me...I would not complain (even if legitimate) about another Dr. to this one. I'm just afraid that you'll come off looking difficult..and there are ways to get where you need to w/out that.

I would ask specific questions like..."how often will we meet with you" ..."if during our cycle we run into ...thin lining, do YOU handle that." "During a cycle is it okay for us to call dailiy with questions...who should we ask for..."

It just worries me to think of you guys getting a bad shake b/c this RE writes you off as difficult ..and there really aren't that many RE's...chances are they play golf together.

Just my .02 (And I hate to admit it...but after practicing as an attorney when someone complains about one of my peers I always think """hmm...they are going to be compaining about me in about 5 mins....and it automatically turns me off to them/their case)

One Mother's Journey said...

I'm curious how ones goes about appling for the bisexual slutty virgin position for the Chocolate and JellyBelly room?

Then again, I've never really been that "into" jellybellies.

SmarshyBoy said...

Um, the virgins are in the "Male Fantasy Room"...The midgets are in the JellyBelly room. But whatever floats your boat...

OHN said...

We ended up at a teaching hospital~they usually have higher birth ratios because they are able to be a little more aggressive with newer techniques. Our doc was so kind, he even let me come to his house one Saturday for my blood draw since I had to work at 7 am and he lived 15 miles closer to me than the hospital was. Here we sat at his kitchen table at 6:30 am while he drew my blood...what a guy! If you walk into the office and like the staff and they aren't running around acting pissed or overworked, and really seem to care about the will probably be in the right place.

aah0424 said...

I can't help you with the IVF thing because we're not their yet, but if your clinic offers you those rooms, I think my husband may want to find out where you are going and we'll come up to Mass.

songbird36 said...

Ahh, the slutty virgins...every man's fantasy.

I would definitely ask about how available the doctor/nurse will be for questions. Also ask about out of pocket costs (we have to pay up front for lab work...abt $400/wk right now). Good luck!

fisher queen said...

I would definitely send the old records off ASAP, if you haven't already. I would also ask:

1) What other testing do they recommend?
2) If they have suspicions as to what the problem is, what treatment do they recommend. Drug protocol? Alternate protocols?
3) How are you going to get information? With my second RE, we had a nurse assigned to us specifically, and it made my life about 100x better. You don't neccessarily need to speak with the doc every day, but you do need access to someone who is familiar with your case every day.
4) Success rates? When you get home, compare them to your old doc's and to national rates. You might be able to find them at the CDC's website. I know they keep track.
5) Cost? Insurance coverage, shared risk plans, donated drugs?

I would look for an aggressive treatment and someone who is up on the latest protocols. I would look for good success rates and thorough personal care. I would also remember that you all are in charge. You don't have to do something just because he/she says you should.

Katie said...

I think making a simple statement about your dissatisfaction with your former doc is OK. A long rant is probably not.

Thanks for asking for questions. I'm noting them for me, too.

Thalia said...

On cass's blog (many miles to go, in the 'been there done that' section of my blogroll) she has a link to teh post she did on this - she asked the same question then compiled responses. If you just print that I think you'll have a pretty good set.

Piccinigirl said...

My DH is VERY INTERESTED in this practice, he's waited a long time for "slutty virgins" and IF to get together. You crack me up.

good luck at the consult...