Thursday, September 28, 2006

Daddy Wuk

That's what The Buggins says to me every morning as I leave for work- "Daddy Wuk".

That's right, Buggins. Daddy Work. Except today, Daddy only wuk until noon. Then Daddy golf.

I was cleaning up my desktop this morning and I came across this picture I took in April 2004:

I was standing in Red Square in the middle of Moscow. This is St. Basil's Cathedral. The picture doesn't come close to doing it justice. The bright colors, the architecture, the contrast between this building and the gray dreariness of Russia. It's just amazing.

Red Square is called Red Square because the word for "red" in Russia also means beautiful. So it means Beautiful Square, not Communist Square. (Although, the communists chose red as their color for the same reason). A little trivia for you this morning.

So we got some good news yesterday, it looks like we'll be able to slip in a cycle before the new year. If we start in Oct, then the final transfer will be just before the week that the clinic closes. It actually works out great - we get to take a little time off now, then proceed with the 8 week cycle, transfer would happen around December 6th, and beta test around December 16. Just before Christmas. So, if it's a BFN, we have the holidays to distract us. And if it's a BFP, well, then it's a BFP.

And hopefully the dickwads over at Insurance-R-Us will wrangle their heads out of their asses in time and approve us.

M is sick today. Buggins gave her a nasty cold. We've been teaching her about sharing, so I guess it's working. M took N.yquil, which totally makes her nuts. Not moody, but literally nuts. Like seeing little green men, thinking she's Cleopatra, the whole thing. Kind of fun to watch, actually.

That's all I got for today.


One Mother's Journey said...

Oooh, I love Nyquil. Probably a little too much... in fact, I don't mind getting colds. LOL I have the most vivid hallucinations er umm, I mean dreams when taking Nyquil. I hope M gets feeling better.

(And yes, I did catch the fact that your going GOLFING this afternoon rather than going home so your wife can rest...)

GREAT news on being able to do a cycle yet this year!! Fingers crossed for you both.

Piccinigirl said...

I am very glad that the schedule looks like it will work out. What a fantastic Christmas gift a BFP would be!

I also go to sleep about 3 minutes after taking Nyquil and I sleep forever, or at least it feels that way. Hope M gets better soon.

enjoy the golf, it is definately better than WUK :)

SmarshyBoy said...

I should have clarified: Golf today is a pseudo-job interview. It's work related. I'd actually RATHER go home and take care of M.

spark said...

Are we playing Where In The World Is Smarshy? Fun.

That's great that you'll be able to cycle this year! And have fun with Cleopatra tonight!

theoneliner said...

I'm not sure you can have a picture of the red square and then talk of the most bourgeois-y activity ever-golf. That's got to be illegal.

Next you'll be blogging about having sex and getting PG.

glad you guys can cycle before 2007. i'm sure you're insurance will come thru. (ok no i'm not...but i am hopeful).

theoneliner said...

oh. that should "your."

Katie said...

So much business happens on the golf course. And that's OK!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you're able to get a cycle in before the new year, what a great xmas present that would be... I keep saying if we're not knocked up by xmas i'll be one miserable mrs. claus. But then what is better than xmas with a toddler who has just discovered the joy of PRESENTS? Not much, it can't be miserable. No way. GL!

serenity said...

*sigh* why can't MY job interviews be on a golf course????????

Glad to hear you are going to get a cycle in!

Oh yeah - the Nyquil hallucinations. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE those.

Hope she feels better soon.

~r said...

Is it strange that I'm jealous seemingly everyone but me gets Nyquil hallucinations? They sound much more fun than clomid visuals.

Wonderful news about cycling this year!

ms. c said...

Been reading for a while, and deciding to say "hello"!
I guess Red Square did it. I can't ignore the beauty. Wonderful photo. You're lucky to have been able to take it without thousands crowding in the square (as all my pics look!)
I'm so thriiled that you will get a cycle in before the end of the year. Fantasmic.
Hugs to M, hope she's feeling better soon. The shit in nyquil (and other cold drugs by tylenol, advil, etc...) make me absolutely bonkers. I refuse to take them during the day, and only take meds that make me drowsy at night.

Mony said...

You've been to Moscow?
You're tops.

My home PC is BROKEN! *Sob* and I have tried a thousand times to post from work, I mean Wuk, but I'm BUSY! Hate that. Be back soon. Thanks for missing me.