Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Blogged Out

I'm running low on motivation to update my blog. That is probably due to a number of factors, chief among them being that our cycle has not officially started yet (M is on the birth control portion of the program). But in addition to that, I'm really just feeling pretty bummed out by alot of the blogs out there and I've lost the desire to update. Too much bad news. Anyone have any good news? Please?

Plus, it came out in our couples session that M feels like I'm spending too much time reading and writing blogs and not enough time talking with her about OUR cycles. That's pure crap, by the way. But she said it, and she said in front of the THERAPIST which of course made me sound like some kind of a freaky internet weirdo. Trolling for infertiles. Come here, little infertile...want some candy?

I just read Songbird's blog; I haven't checked in on her in a while. I am so sad about her news. I just don't understand all these miscarriages. I mean, WTF? Anyway, her news is a week old, but please go lend some support.

Not much going on here. I've been working in the basement, trying to make it look nice. Installed some drywall for the first time, so that was interesting. The 1st peice I put in looks a whole lot different than the 10th and 15th and 20th. You can literally see how I progressed down the experience curve.

We got our IVF schedule. It's all going down on Thanksgiving week. Retrieval on Tues, Wed, or Thursday (T'Giving Day), with transfer 5 days later. So I guess we're staying home this year? I hope we get the really crappy, second string nurses who have to cover for the good ones while they take time off. It's always fun to see them bumbling around, bumping into eachother, trying to use the u/s maching as a telephone, etc.

Buggins is going as a kangaroo tonight. I'm taking her out on the town. If we stop by your house, and you're not there, then GOD HELP YOU. I'm bringing eggs, shaving cream, and m-80's.


Rumour Miller said...

I spend far too much time in the blogoshpere as well. It's effing addicting.

Happy Boo to Buggins... a kangaroo, how cute.

Piper is chicken little this year and the candy will be all mine. Ha ha.

VanillaDreams said...

I want to dress up our puppy Scarlett and take her Trick or Treating tonight.....Is that bad????


Hope548 said...

Missed you Smarsh! I'm sorry you're a little bummed out, that seems to be going around. For work I dressed like a white trash pregnant woman. How's that for irony? I just might post a few pictures to give everyone a laugh, but we'll see. Hope you have fun with the Buggins tonight!

serenity said...

Yeah, the reading and writing of the blogs can suck up a LOT of time. Sorry that you're so bummed- but there IS good news out there. Somewhere. I know it.

Buggins as a kangaroo. Now isn't THAT precious... I want to see pictures!!!

I'm going as a bitter infertile. Oh wait - that's me most of the time. :)

I did see a woman with elf ears on the T today. Dressed normally, but with these big ole pointy ears. I SWEAR they looked real - did a doubletake until I realized that it was Halloween!

lola said...

I hope the Buggins gets lots of candy as a kangaroo tonight! Be sure to post some photos.

M and I sound like we are on almost exactly the same schedule for this cycle. We will also be home for Thanksgiving thinking more about egg retrievals than turkey.

Katie said...

Missed you Smarshy.

Do you install tile, too?

Anonymous said...

What kind of candy?

Cute about the kangaroo. We won't be here but we are leaving a basket out, so feel free to take a few. :)

Carol said...

Sometimes no news is good news. I'm sorry you're feeling like you're in a lull. The emotions ups and downs of this stuff are so hard - harder than all the physical stuff. Good luck with your upcoming cycle.

Irshlas said...

I too get fussed at for reading/writing in the blogosphere. I try to do mine at work... lolol - re: STATE EMPLOYEE.

On a selfish note, please stick around. Your posts brighten my day and help to give much needed perspective.

Have fun w/ the Buggins - while I doubt you'll be this far south, I'm stil a bit worried about those M-80s :-)

candy said...

yes, please stick around. i think my husband actually appreciated my blogging. i could say things much easier on my blog than i could to him, and even though everyone else was reading too, he knew what was just for him. guess it doesn't sound like the healthiest way to communicate, but of course we talked too. blogging lets me monologue without the danger of him interjecting something at the wrong time. i get it out. he hears it. it works. so you're not some freaky internet weirdo. if it helps, it helps. my husband is now blogging too, and i love it. i laugh out loud at work just reading his posts. and your posts. so stick around. and good luck with the waiting. kangaroo pics expected. mine were supergirl and scream.

kristi said...

Sounds like M and I (and lola) will have very similar schedules - I'm expecting ER to be T-day week as well. Hope the ILs won't be too pissed that we don't head down to see them. Hope we both have very positive news for our blogs soon. :)

Let me know if you have any questions about basement stuff - my DH has done a ton of projects. :)

Anonymous said...

Desire to blog comes and goes. Go with it. Be good to your wife. And other such flippant platitudes.


Piccinigirl said...

my desire to blog comes and goes too. Some weeks I have lots to say, other weeks I just want to read everyone else's. That is when I stop by your blog :)