Thursday, October 05, 2006

Just a Couple Random Thoughts

My brain has been a bit empty lately. We're in insurance limbo, and our next cycle starts next month, so there isn't much to say on the fertility front. That's why I've been thinking about your weather vixens, and digging through poo, and other non-IF related things.

But I do have a couple of random thoughts to share today.

1) Is it just me, or do you feel like you've passed some hard SAT-like test when you get the word verification jumble correct when leaving a comment? It really makes you question whether what you have to say is worth the trouble. I mean, is it worth it to take this incredibly difficult brain teasing test just to pass on the message "You go girl!" or "((hugs))"? (Incidentally, I have never written those comments on any blog). If I'm going to use up a good 50% of my brain cells on that quiz, I better be breaking some new ground in terms of comment brilliance.

And just so you know, if I have never left a comment on your blog, it's because I keep failing your test.

2) M is having a "mock transfer" today. Should I be sneaking off to the men's room for a "mock collection"? And since it's mock, would I even need to do that in the men's room? Can I do it in my office?

3) Every time the Buggins goes to her pre-school, she brings home with her some new strain of crazy illness that she gets over in about 3 hours while I'm down for the count for days. It's like she's the White Man and I'm an Indian. My immune system can not take this anymore. They should have those radiation hose-down stations at the entrance to her school like thay have at the center for disease control or at nuclear powerplants. She has to step through that thing before coming home. We'd save a bundle on tissues and Ny.quil (we'd probably buy N.yquil anyway, for recreational purposes).

4) M and I need a new mattress. Any suggestions? Thinking about a tempu.rped.ic memory foam one. Anyone have one of those? I can't even seem to figure out how much they cost online. Have to go to a "store" and talk to "people". Yecch.

5) A question for you readers outside the US: What do you think of Americans? Do you think we're all like George Bush? Or do you think that all people everywhere are pretty much the same, but our leaders are a bunch of nutjobs? And in addition to being proud to be from where you are from, are you also, separately, proud to NOT be American? I've always been fascinated by how our "friends from abroad" view us.

I guess that last one got a little serious. Sorry about that.

That's all I got for now, my little blogging babes. And you too, Treggles. The only dude who reads my blog.


Anonymous said...

First of all, TOTALLY with you on the fall/winter germ fest from toddlerville... cold virus transfer has begun in our house this week too, and yeah - they get sick for a day and we get sick for a week. And it lingers for two. And by the time you feel better, they've brought a new one home to share with you.

I wrote a post on my blog yesterday about American health care and how unjust it seems from my perspective, as compared to Canada (my land). You should check it out... and tell me what I'm missing on that, ps - I even disabled the word scramble.

Krista said...

I hear you on the word verfication, that's why I don't have it on my blog. Often takes me more than one try, guess that shows my attention span.

I would go with M to the mock transfer, it could be rough. Might not be either but I have had very rough transfers in the past and have really appreciated Rick's hand to dig my nails into :-)

Sorry about the germy invasion. I nannied 3 children while I went to law school and once they went to daycare they were always sick. You are lucky the Buggins gets over it so quickly because they certainly didn't. Seemed like one of them was always down and out. It will get worse once you have 2 children because just as one gets over it the other will get it.

Americans..... well I live in Canada and have a lot of friends in the US so I know you are not all like George Bush. I also know that a lot of the american sterotypes are not justifiable. My opinion is that the minority is ruining it for the majority. I am proud to be Canadian but I wouldn't say I am proud not to be American. I especially won't say that since it is very likely that Rick's career will take us to the US at some point.

theoneliner said...

1. oh i hate it! sometimes i have to do that 3 or 4 times. aaaaggghh. and i've never left a comment worth doing it once.

2. i say have at it. in office. with weather pixies. be sure to lock door.

4. i'll leave that joke to someone else.

5. "a village in texas is missing their idiot" bumper sticker on car in front of me today.

Royalyne said...

1. The only good part about that word verification thing is that I almost always get stuff that actually spells words, and usually dirty words. (and now I look down and see nothing fun, so my enjoyment is diminished- d@mn you smarshy's word verification box, the last time it spelled tittys) Would it be easier if we just all pushed that cute wheelchair button and let the computer voice tell us what button to push? Would it be as much fun? Would we feel any sense of accomplishment? I'm afraid to click on the wheelchair and find out.

2. Be sure to check Mrs. Smarshy's ovulation calendar before "mocking" because wasting even one little tadpole at a crutial time is a hanging offense in some places.

3. Your snotty nose is way better than her snotty nose, trust me. Sick children whine and whimper and generally look way more miserable than sick adults. Did you have pets as a child? Because children that have pets tend to get sick less often as adults than those who didn't.

4. You can request a tiny little sample of those beds. Have samples sent to everyone you know, collect them all, superglue them together, and in 5 years you will have made your own tempurpedic bed for free.

5. I'm an American, so this doesn't apply to me, but I'm gonna do it anyway. My husband is a soldier in the Army National Guard. I don't have any tolerance for politics, I have little knowledge of current events. I know that I am happy and can have the life that I choose, and I am proud that my husband (who has been deployed 4 times in the past 7 years) is willing to make the sacrifices required of him by our Commander in Chief. In the end, that's all that really matters to me.

Just another Jenny said...

She's the white man and I'm the Indian - you never fail me! I've had the same thing with my stepchildren for years. I swear there mother hops them up with germs on Friday just to kick my ass.
O.K. - as for the serious question I want to try to be honest yet not offensive. Yes - I think that all people everywhere are pretty much the same, but our leaders are a bunch of nutjobs. I do think George Bush is a total idiot and cannot believe he is the president. Every time he talks he looks like he is lying. Although, I don't love our leader (Stephan Harper) either.
I have never met an American that I didn't like. In Vegas we had a cab driver name all of our provinces and capitals just to prove to us that Americans do know stuff about Canada. Am I proud to not be American? I'd rather say I'm proud not to be under the leadership of anyone with the last name Bush.
p.s. - stop screwing us on the softwood lumber thing.

One Mother's Journey said...

We had a foam therapeutic mattress for about 6 months. It was about $1500 with delivery if I remember correctly. We ended up giving it away to someone because the thing was SO hot, we were miserable. It was somewhat comfortable but it retained body heat. We ended up with a air mattress that you can control both sides with a remote. (Sort of like a sleep numbers bed, only you can control both sides.) I LOVE that. If my back is bothering me I can always pump my side up and vise versa. It's in a regular mattress frame so you can't tell by looking at it that it's an air mattress. It was just as expensive as the foam one but about 90% more comfortable.

For someone that complains about the word verification on other sites - interesting that you still have it on yours. hehehe

lola said...

1. i always get the word verification thingie wrong too. but i kind of like thinking that it's protecting me from the 2 people who actually read my blog and might want to spam me. yes i realize i am naive.

2. I hope M's mock transfer goes easily today! Mine are usually no big deal but I know that others have a hard time with it so it all depends.

3. I can't be around any child for more that 5 minutes without picking up whatever horrible germs they have at the time. I'm not immune to tiny-person germs.

4. We just bought a Simm.ons and it's been great so far. We sleep like the dead. Bought it at a Matt.ress Gi.ant which made me nervous but was actually fine. The salespeople weren't all up in our faces or being too salesy.

5. well i'm n/a for this question since I am inside the US but I worry about what people in other countries must think of us. ugh.

Alright i'm off to tackle your word verification...

Anonymous said...

1. Hate the word verification. I always mistake the p for the q. Then when the page loads and I see my comment still in the box - DAMN IT!
2. LOL on the mock transfer.
3. Preschoolers and kindergarteners are the dirtiest of our species. Little's class made applesauce in a crock pot last year - and I watched a girl pick her nose and then scoop her apples into the pot. I almost snatched Little and ran for it.

~r said...

1 I like the word verification when it spells out something funny.

2 You absolutely should... for realism's sake, a bathroom is required. The 'mock' part simply means you need to stop at the very last instant. Sorry, those are the rules.

3 Preschool is when they learn the all-important lesson on sharing. Primarily, they share germs. Praise the Buggins for learning to share so well. Just make sure you have a mask on at the time. Or at least a Kleenex over your face.

I have no suggestions for the other questions. But I needed to see what dirty thoughts could be inspired by today's verification word... so I had to comment, even if it's incomplete.

Keeping The Faith said...

I want to know why your so hot for little Miss Jenny on Infertility Block's weather girl, and not mine. Does mine fade into the background, rub you the wrong way or just not have enough sexiness oozing out of her pores? :-)

Okay now that I got that off my chest.... LOL
3) Become a school teacher and you'll be sick constantly the first year (I had a tissue to my nose 24/7) and then you'll never get sick again. You become immune to all colds, flu's and other bugs floating around.

4) We recently bought the Sealy Posturepedic Rock Harbor Cal-King Mattress at Cost-Co... Great bed... We love it. "The Sanford is a top of the line Euro Top construction with cashmere layer for the ultimate in plush comfort. The Sanford provides an incomparable rich supple feel yet with deep down body support you need for a good night's sleep." No I don't have stock w/ the company... I just really like the bed. You never have to flip it either.

We were talked out of the tempu.rped memory foam since a family member bought it and didn't care for it after a few night of sleep. Make sure you go and lay on it at least 10-15 mins before you buy it so you can decide if it's for you.

Katie said...

Mattress: Who says size doesn't matter? Whatever you have/get, hope it's King. Our first night of wedded bliss was on a double bed. The next day we bought a King. Can't remember what brand etc. but it saved our marriage.

Preschool germ transfer: great PR opportunity for homeschooling. "HOME SCHOOL: Where the only germs are yours"

Mock collection: Any excuse to ma*terbate is a good one?

I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free. (c'mon, sing with me) And I won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me (thanks Lee Greenwood) and I gladly stand up next to you and defend Her still today...

Treggles said...

1) It's indeed rare to get through the word thingy first time, but it's still worth having because it keeps out the spam pretty well. I'm still waiting to see it give me a rude word!

2) Enjoy the mock collection! I know I would!

4) We got a new bed and mattress in the January sales in 2004 - and I've had a bad back and dodgy shoulders ever since. You've reminded me I must replace it before all our money goes baby-wise.

5) Interesting question. The few americans I've ever actually met (who are few and far between) have been great. As for the rest of you...

Smarshy, you have no way of knowing how many guys read you blog. I may be the only one who comments, but that's a different matter...

spark said...

LOL about the mock collection!!

And I'd love to hear what kind of mattress you buy -- we need a new one and were thinking about a tempu.repedic one as well. Are they firm enough?

Sometimes I feel like moving to another country -- but not so much now that we're nearing the end of the second term. ;)

AND of course I just failed your word verification test.

Meri-ann said...

Hmmm... I think we are all just people, except my husband keeps bugging me to go to America so he can play with big American cars- go figure. Definitely our leaders are nutjobs, not just Bush but our PM Howard (who has the weirdest eyebrows EVER)- but I'm glad that in Australia our ivf coverage is good and we have gun regulation.

Word verification sucks ass...

We got a new mattress last year and got one of those 'pillow top' thingos that has the pillow top on both sides, it's like sleeping on a cloud...

Ali said...

At least if you mess up word verification enough times, the words keep getting easier. So just type a few random letters and hit enter a couple times - then you'll end up having to type something super easy like "tree."
As for the whole countries/people question...I think we're pretty much all the same. There are idiots in every country and there are fantastic people in every country. I do dislike George Bush (I grit my teeth as soon as I typed his name) but our Canadian leader Stephen Harper is pretty ridiculous too.
I know some wonderful Americans and hope to know many more. But I have to agree with Jenny from the Infertility Block - can you put in a good word about the whole softwood lumber issue?

GZ said...

I hear you on the word verification. Espcially those ones on typepad, that look like spilled ink.

We have two beds in our house (one for company.) The guest bed mattresses costed us about 2,500.

The mattress that we PREFER to sleep on, the one we keep in our room, is a 100$ mattress with a 300$ piece of 6 inch memory foam on top. Luscious.

rachel said...

1. I agree - but have just enabled it on my blog anyway. Was so tired of only get spam for comments......

2. No advice here, I'm afraid. Wherever does it for you.

3. I like the hose-down plan. Especially if it would also remove the little bits of glitter Luke is permanently covered with and then transfers to me. Not a good look on a 37 year old.

4. I did sample a tempur one once in a store. Very nice. But very expensive

5. No, I don't think you're all like George Bush. No one country could sustain that much idiocacy and remain even vaguely functional. Why you elected him beats me (but then I speak from a country who elected Thatcher repeatedly - at least you have a constitution that prevents you repeating the mistake a 3rd time). Other things about America that bug me are the vast energy guzzling cars combined with the very slow speed limits. If you're going to wreck the environment, for heaven's sake have fun doing it. Who wants to fry the planet at 50 mph? Also - guns. What's with that? How many kids are going to be killed in American schools before you realise that letting just anyone wander into a shop and buy a small arsenal is A Big Mistake? That said, I've always liked visiting America and have found most people very open, warm and friendly. Just lose the 2nd amendment!!

Sarah said...

1. Some days those word verifications are annoying. But, I'd rather have people type a word verification than have spam comments (which are more annoying).

2. I'm not sure I know what a mock transfer is. ?

3. I don't have any kids yet, but the radiation hose down station made me laugh.

4. If you get one of those, you'll have to let us know how they are. I've been wondering.

5. I'm in the US, so it doesn't apply....

Thalia said...

My problem with the word verification is that my blackberry has given up on them and won't load them, which means I can no longer comment from my blackberry. This is seriously impeding my contribution to the blogsphere!

Re George Bush, yes we all think he's an idiot. The headline on one of the UK mid-market newspapers when he got elected again was simply: 80 million Americans can't be wrong. It was sarcastic, in case that doesn't come through! (can't remember the exact number).

Anonymous said...

I read your blog, man. 31 year old guy who has been trying to get his wife pregnant for 3 years... been married for 5.

Very soon will be going through IVF (mid-November). Love your blog and the humor. Really helps my wife and I through it.

Buggins sounds like a doll.