Monday, October 02, 2006

A Quick Comment

I have to add a comment here, but I won't divulge my decision regarding the last post yet because it's still up in the air for a variety of reasons that I will explain hopefully today or early tomorrow.

I can understand the psychological issues. I mean, poop is gross.

However, the fact remains that sterilized is sterilized. It means it's CLEAN. The nurse told me on the phone it would be by FAR the cleanest thing in my mouth. It would be the cleanest it's ever been since it was first put in there, about 10 years ago.

But again, poo is poo.

But again, clean is clean.

And $700 (yes, it went up) is a CRAPLOAD of cash for such a stupid thing. Yes, I do have good dental insurance. Without the insurance, it would be $1500.

Anyone change their minds?


Anonymous said...

this is so damn funny - how did you manage this? So, my vote is YES go find your $500. It it not like it is someone elses poop, it is yours and it came from you. You can always wash your hands later, and your tooth. You got guts posting this. I can not wait to find out your decision - maggie

Heather said...

I'd do it. Hey, $700 is $700. That's money that could be spent on thousands of other things that you would probably enjoy more than dental work.

Yes, it's gross but not as gross as literally flushing $700 down the toilet.

Things that I can tell you right now I would rather spend $700 on:
- A new couch
- New storm doors for the homestead
- New oven
- Most of the cost of a new mattress

And those are the pratical things.

Good luck.

susan said...

I constantly have to poke around in the poo and vomit of my dogs...make sure there aren't pieces of toys in there.

But what I want to know is how this retreival going to be accomplished? Are you going to poop in a shoe box and then dissect it? It can't go into the toilet.... Hey, your methodology affects my vote!!

One Mother's Journey said...

I say go for it, with a condition.

If you are successful in
"retrieval" - I think you should allocate that $700 to something special you want. Sort of a reward.

Good luck!

serenity said...

I'm with susan here - your retrieval methodology will greatly influence my final vote.

But if they say sterilised... and they mean clean... and it saved me $700...

I'd probably have to at least try to surmount my massive psychological issue putting something that has been through my digestive system back into my mouth.

That's a significant amount of money.

theoneliner said...

i would. but i'm cheap and not easily grossed out.

i asked pook...his answer "oh, i would def. get it...." "and rationally it all came in thru his mouth anyway..." but then he married me.

poor you.

thanks for making me laugh before my HSG and smile during (as i was laying the table legs spread i was thinking...well, this sucks but i could be digging thru my own _________ like smarshy...) kee, he.he.

Katie said...

A hearty HURRAH to Smarshy for once again making my day. How did I live before I found your blog?

Only you can answer the $700 question.

I would like to point out the irony that it was BBQ pizza that stole your crown. Wonder if the same would have happened at aforementioned brother's BBQ Rib eating contest?

aah0424 said...

he only thing I can say is that you'll have to put that thing back in your mouth after you find it!!!!!!

Oh and I want to thank you for your enlighted male opinion on my blog. I never really thought of the garage thing in that sense. I just thought my husband was really weird. Well, I still think he is weird, but at least now I think I know where he is coming from (I hope).

Mary said...

By the time you have decided, it'll be gone forever.

KTP said...

I haven't read anything this funny on my WHOLE BLOGROLL. Thank you for sharing this.

Hopeful Mother said...

This is too funny. Theoretically, I don't have a problem with it. And $700 is A LOT of money.

But I still don't know if I, myself, would do it - I guess I would "try" and see how grossed out I was by it... it's a lot funnier to think about you doing it!

Treggles said...

Apart from actually fishing the thing out, I really can't see a problem. Clean is clean.

Just go for it.

My Reality said...

I think I would fish for it - or at least try. I would hate to have to cough up $700 if it could be avoided.

Got your rubber gloves ready?

fisher queen said...

Nope. I still think think it's gross. I'm also beginning to think you are pulling our legs...